To Plan, Manage, Regulate And Delivery Services In An Efficient And Efective Way To Improve The Quality Of Life For People:-

  1. Maintain cleanliness of MDL to ensure that people can live healthy.

  2. Providing basic services and adequate facilities and supplies the lamps on the street.

  3. Entered the business needs of small business owners to establish an adequate stalls.

  4. Implement project development needed by the people to ensure that all development spending to give maximum impact.

  5. Build an excellent organization, efficient and friendly customer.


“Bringing the Council towards Sustainability Development of Urban Identity, Green and Dynamic by 2018”
MDL vision is to determine the desired direction to achieve by year 2018. This vision encompasses three main elements of the Labis District Council to be governed and managed with distinction, creating a clean and beautiful and comfortable place to live without ignoring the need to create a friendly environment and governance and business investment.
These elements are expected to meet the needs of socio-economic, recreational and spiritual community for Labis District Council in particular as well as general visitors.