• Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171)

  • Road, Drain and Building Act 1974 (Act 133)

  • Urban and Rural Planner Act 1976

By Laws

  • Market By-Laws (MDSS) 1982 Licensing of Trades, Business, Industries and Profession By-Laws (MDSS) 1982

  • Anti-Littering By-Laws (MDSS) 1982 Advertisement (MDSS) By- Laws 1982

  • Advertisement By-Laws (MDSS) (Amendment) 1990

  • Garbage Collection, Disposal and Demolishment By Laws (MDSS) 1985

  • Garden By-Laws (MDSS) 1987

  • Barbershop And Hairdresser By-Laws (MDSS) 1987

  • Food Handler By-Laws (MDSS) 1987

  • Private Car Park Licensing By-Laws (MDSS) 1988

  • (Compound Offences) (Local Government) By-Laws 1988

  • Election Advertisement By-Laws (MDSS) 1990

  • Dog Licensing By-Laws (MDSS) 1991

  • Stray Animals By-Laws (MDSS) 1995

  • Land Works By-Laws (MDSS) 1995

  • Road and Traffic Order (Car Parks Allocation) (MDSS)1989

Hawker By-Laws

In carrying out responsibilities given by section 102 and 102A Local Government Act 1976 [Act 171], Yang Dipertua Labis District Council perform and according to section 103, of the mentioned Act, State Authorities confirmed the following By-Laws::

Name, application and effective date

1.This By-Laws may be named Hawker By-Laws (Labis District Council) ( Amendment ) 2005 and should be used solely for Labis District Council areas.

“ Yang Dipertua “ meaning Yang Dipertua Labis District Council

(a) by substituting the word " Southern Segamat District Council " with the word Labis District Council.

General Amendment

2. Hawker By-Laws (Southern Segamat District Council) ………which is mentioned “Undang-Undang Kecil Ibu ” in this By-Laws are amended

(a) by substituting the word “ Southern Segamat District Council " with the word Labis District Council.

Amended By-Laws 13A

By-Laws 13 Amended Main By-Laws

(a) by entering new By-Laws 13(c) as follows –13(c) any officer authorized in writing can direct so that any stall or car owned by the hawker to be immediately closed if that stall or car is to be found dirty according to the officer.

Amended By-Laws 23

4. By-Laws 23 Amended Main By-Laws as follows

(a) 23 (1) any goods suggested or exposed for combined sales – similar to its container or any participating equipment and also stall or car owned by any licensed individual or not licensed to act as a hawker under this By-Laws can be sealed by any authorized officer in writing by the President and transferred to any location determined by the President and detained there upon its risk.

(b) by entering new By-Laws 23 (c) as follows

“ Yang Dipertua is not responsible towards any damages if occurred to goods or things which were sealed in the transfer process and during Yang Dipertua guidance. “ “

Amended By-Laws First Schedule (By-Laws 8)

5. First Schedule (By-Laws 8 ) amended by inserting First Schedule 4 (a) to 4 (h) as follows -

(a) 200 meters from the school / college border area

(b) 100 meters from the Government Office border area

(c) In the house or residential house area

(d) In housing estates area entry roads and main roads

(e) Road sides which involves garden landscape grass areas

(f) In playground and recreational areas

(g) Roads which are declared as protocol roads

(h) Any back lanes, side lanes, and border lanes

Second Schedule By-Laws (By-Laws 19)

6.JSecond Schedule (By-Laws 19) Main By-Laws amended by entering new Second Schedule (By-Laws 19) as follows -

Minimum Maximum

1. Mobile hawkers RM10.00 RM20.00

2. Settled hawkers RM20.00 RM40.00

Third Schedule By-Laws (By-Laws 24)

7.Third Schedule (By-Laws 24) Main By-Laws amended by entering new Third Schedule (By-Laws 24) as follows –

1. Transfer stall or goods
- RM50.00

2. Payment to keep stall or goods
- RM10.00 for period of not more than 7 days and RM1.00 one day after

3. Vehicle transfer
- RM100.00