Banjaran Gunung Tenang 

Poem from indigenous people when they opened the Tenang village in Labis.

" Ngilir Tenang Mudik Juaseh,
     Singah Teluk Ngetam Papan,
     Hati Terkenang Budi Yang Kasih,
     Nasi Senduk Tidak Termakan

Reference: Segamat, Sejarah & Mitos (Segamat, History & Myth)



Sejarah Pembukaan Labis

peta mdl

History of Labis Opening
Labis is formerly combinations of a few Malay villages, among them are Kampung Paya Merah, Kampung Tenang and Kampung Sg Gatom. The residents conduct paddy rice cultivation as rice is a main food source, besides duck and chicken livestock. There is a rubber plantation which was opened by the English colonials known as North Labis Estate and a few of them in the vicinity of Labis and an oil-palm plantation in Chaah which has lead to the arrival of the Indian community as a source of labour at the farm.

Labis city, Chaah town and Bekok at one time, is a resettlement area for the Chinese during a curfew, whereby the government built houses which arranged to accommodate the Chinese from the rural and forest areas from being hunted or influenced by communist terrorist at that time. And it continues to expand.