Air Panas Recreational Park

Entrance to Kolam Air Panas (Hot Spring)

Gambar Dahulu Pintu Masuk Kolam Air Panas

 Gambar Sekarang Pintu Masuk Kolam Air Panas



Air Panas is a small town in the district of Segamat. This town is famous and known as the hot water founded here. It is located approximately 14 kilometres from Labis through federal highway. This town is also known as Tenang (do not be confused with Tenang Station, one of the other town in the Segamat district also).

Multiracial people namely a particular number from the Chinese community conduct their business in Air Panas small town whereas Malay and Indigenous community also stayed in most of the nearby villages. Apart from that, there are also a few native resident villages available here such as Bekok, and Empangan Juaseh, and this town also has many mata kucing fruit orchards.


Kampung Tenang exploration started since early 1801. That area was opened by Tok Tenang. Tok Tenang was a village headman once. He found it when clearing the forest area for the purpose of enlarging the Kampung Tenang area.

Kolam Air Panas is divided into 4 pools with different depths. This area is suitable for family recreation. Apart from that, public amenities such as children playground, prayer rooms, male and female toilets are also provided. Other than hot water, this area is surrounded by man-made lakes.

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